Grilled Cheese Bread

We had two blackouts yesterday, one that was about an hour long and another that lasted all of ten seconds. Needless to say, I got nothing done. I'm not sure how that was relevant, but it sounds nice. I just finished shopping for Christmas presents and then wrapping them so I'm brain dead. Two hours spent in Target looking for gifts for two-year-olds and almost-a-year-olds will give you a headache, guaranteed. 

But I had a nice breakfast :D I discovered this amazing combination a couple days ago, but I forgot to take pictures to blog about. I call it, Grilled Cheese Bread. It's a cross between a grilled cheese sandwich and cheese bread, but it's also just a fancy shmancy grilled cheese sandwich. Whichever you prefer.

Grilled Cheese Bread

- One slice of bread (or two)
- Shredded Cheese
- Toaster oven (microwave might work as well)

Warning: I am really bad at explaining things eloquently.

1. Put a slice of bread (or two slices) in the toaster oven.

2. Spread the shredded cheese on the bread, leaving a border around so the cheese has room to melt. Put a thick layer so you can't see any bread under the cheese.

3. Toast as long as desired. 

4. Eat!

Unfortunately, I went upstairs to get a book to read while I eat and I burnt the bread a little >.< It's supposed to just look melted and with the cheese I used, it should look white and orange cheese instead of the two blending together. Nonetheless it was still amazing. It's not your ordinary grilled cheese half a sandwich (in my opinion) because it's cheesy, soft, then crunchy, in that order. Take a bit and you can literally see three layers. Three really thin layers...but still layers.

My breakfast :D
I've been trying to drink a glass of water before I eat anything when I wake up because it flushes toxins from your body and cleanses you because it's the first thing you ate/drank. It's hard to drink a glass of water before eating cereal and milk on school days though because that makes me too full D:

The book that made me burn my toast ;___;
I ordered three books on Amazon a week or two ago and they arrived a couple days ago and asdfghjkl I'm so excited to read them! Well, just Looking for Alaska since I got Wintergirls for a friend and The Perks of Being a Wallflower for another friend. Because of school, I haven't had a chance to read much but after next week, when break starts, all I'll be doing is reading, eating, sleeping, and blogging.

The last day of school before break starts is the 21st so we'll literally be in school until we "die." *Sigh* but the minute the bell rings, I'll be on my way to go on a cruise to Mexico! Will be taking lots of pictures there :D Also, be careful on the 21st because there are people who honestly think the world's going to end and may do dangerous things. I hope nothing bad happens ugh D: 

Christmas in nine days!

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