Mini Target Christmas Haul

Painting I finished on Sunday as a part of a friend's Christmas present
15 more days until Christmas! I went to Target yesterday and got some gift wrapping tools utensils things and other Christmassy things. But before I get to that, here's a letter for my future self.

Dear future Lisa,
You're probably not going to become a hardcore blogger (as if you could blog consistently without gaps of time in between, I mean really), but in case you do, here's a summary of your life before blogging. You spent your time on Tumblr, Youtube, occasionally Facebook and Twitter, then Wattpad to write stories (you don't write as much as you did two years ago; it's the procrastination), and that was basically it. Oh and you paint (sometimes), draw (barely), write (when you don't procrastinate), and eat (bake when there isn't school). You don't actually do anything but go on the computer now that I think about it...

Anyway, that was basically your life before blogging. Hopefully, now you'll venture out and do more things so you can actually blog, and not waste spend your life away in front of a computer screen. Hopefully.
Ornaments: x2 for $1
Back to Christmas. I went to Target to get an eraser because I lost mine and it smelled like oranges ;____; But when you go to Target you never leave with just what you needed; you come out with five other things, which was why I bought these ornaments. There'll probably be a lot of glitter fallout but it was a dollar and there's two of them. Purchase = Justified

100 Peel 'N Stick Gift Tags: $1
Another dollar item! I was going to get the fancy shmancy 50 gift tags with the ribbon for $5 but I don't have that many presents to give and somehow, I thought getting the 100 gift tags for a dollar were more okay...

Christmas cards: x6 for $1
 Surprisingly enough, I didn't get these in the dollar section of Target that's strategically placed by the cashier, I got them in the holiday area. I was planning on making my own Christmas cards but I really don't have the time nor patience to go through and make Christmas cards. Sorry not sorry :3

Andes Chocolate: $1.29

Last thing I got: Andes. I love this stuff and it's such a shame that stores only sell it around the holidays. There's the original version that's chocolate and a mint layer in between (google Andes Mint Chocolate for a visual), Andes Peppermint Crunch Things, a toffee version, and a cherry flavored one. I got the mint chocolate and peppermint ones, but the mint thins are in the pantry and I didn't feel like getting them c:

It seems like a lot of people don't know what Andes are O: Well if you've never had one, it's basically a minty chocolate, but more emphasis on the mint. It's basically the best thing since sliced bread. The peppermint version is sweeter than the original, but it's more minty and if you like mint/peppermint, this is perfect for you.
A better description of the chocolate

 It takes an incredible amount of self control not to inhale half the box. Sorry for the weird toned pictures by the way. I took the pictures at around 4:30pm as it was starting to get gloomy and dim and my room's blue so the pictures had a blueish tone. I tried to edit it away but some pictures weren't successful as others.

I just ate two of the chocolates in a minute so I should probably end this post here and log off. That sounds good.

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