Bon Epi Macaroons

I went to Bon Epi, a bakery, with my sister a couple days ago a really long time ago but I didn't have time to upload the pictures, which is why this post is so late OTL. We were going to get a few macaroons while we were waiting for a table at the nearby dim sum place, but we ended up getting ten so we could get the gift box that came with it XD. If I remember correctly, it went from right to left, chocolate with white chocolate, mango, vanilla with white chocolate, orange almond, passion fruit, lemon, velvet blueberry with dark chocolate, taro, peach, macha, rose, pistachio, something something, coffee, and caramel at the end.

Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Orange Almond, Raspberry, Blueberry Velvet, Caramel, Mango, Peach, Peach, Mango

If memory serves me correctly, peach and orange almond were really good. I didn't get a chance to try the mangoes (my cousin and sister ate them) but I'm 80% sure I've tried them before XD The caramel was really good too cause it's huge and there's caramel instead of buttercream in the center ^^

Sorry for the boring post >.< This is queued and I'm probably studying right now XD My friend's dad is in Korea right now and she might be able to get me something (I would pay her back) O: I'm so excited and happy because ASDFJKL Korean cosmetics are quality (usually) and kpop CDs are a lot cheaper :3 

Today was the first day of finals and the hardest day. I'll be back Friday probably :D

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