Collective Haul: Books, H&M, Sephora, Zara

Hey guys! School started today so I might not have as much to blog about, or at least not have as many pictures I can post so if I get ranty and personal, that's why. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ┳━┳ ◡ . Anyway, this is a collective haul as it says in the title because I'm a picky shopper and I rarely, if ever, buy a lot of things at once. It's also because my mom's complaining that I have too much clothes and I'm broke so...(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ┳━┳ ◡ 

I actually got this EOS lip balm way back when at Target, I think on the 27th of December. Wowow but EOS lip balms are $2.99 in store and I got this one for $1.29! I actually forgot the price but it was a dollar something and cheaper than $1.29, but for guesstimation sake, I saved $2.70 ^_^

Books :D I went to the library last week and there's a section that's basically a bookstore and people donate books that sell for a quarter. I found Angels & Demons and Lifeguard, so I got the two books for 50 cents. Angels & Demons is $6.40 on Amazon, which is already cheaper than most stores, and Lifeguard is $7.44 on Wal-Mart as it says on the sticker, so I saved 6.15+7.19=$13.34!

Then, we went to a nearby outlet and looked around. I went to H&M and got a shirt, but the outlet H&M wasn't much cheaper. It retailed for about the same as it would've in the normal H&M store o; Nonetheless, this shirt was a good purchase because it wasn't *that* pricey and I've been wanting a collared shirt (especially peter pan collared!) for the longest time.

The botttom is a chiffon-y material ^_^ I got it for $17.95. The next thing I got was exercize shorts from Adidas which I probably wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't on sale, but it was cheap :D Plus, my other shorts I have that I use for exercizing are from 5th or 6th grade, and are an awkward length that's longer than shorts, but doesn't quite hit mid thigh. These were $7.47, 50% off $14.97. It would normally sell for $28 at a non-outlet Adidas store so I saved $20.53 :D

Two days ago, my sister and I went to the mall to buy a gift for my mom since her birthday is today. We actually gave her the present yesterday because my sister drives back to L.A. on Sundays. We each got her a cashmere sweater that she really liked c: Before we went to Macy's to get my mom's present, we went to Zara and omg, my sister took so long .__. We spent at least two hours there and I just walked around with my one shirt while my sister was in the changing room (she tried on like 18 things but ended up buying two .___.). I really like my purchase though ^_^

It's a floral lace patterned shirt, similar to the peter pan collared shirt I bought last week XD, but it's just sooo cute *0*. It was on sale for $19.90 but there was another sticker that said $9.90, which was the actual price, and ASLDKFJ i had to get it. It looks kind of strange on the hanger, especially with my weird camera angle (the color was more accurate this way) but the part that bunches up bunches up at my waist so it's actually pretty flattering. My closet used to be navy, white, and grey because of Hollister and my boring clothing choices, but now it's getting more colorful :D. I've somehow gravitated toward pinks o.o

The last thing I got was this Beauty Insider free birthday gift from Sephora. You don't need to purchase something to get the free gift as long as you go two weeks before or two weeks after your birthday, but my sister said it's more polite to buy something XD. I ended up not buying anything, but my sister got a lip and cheek tint that's reaally pretty and she basically gave me money and I bought it for her. The gift is really small; the Watt's Up highlight is probably the size of my thumb and the They're Real! mascara is a snidge longer than my middle finger. 

I ended up giving the highlight to my sister because I'm actually not allowed to wear make up XD. One of my goals is to convince my mom to let me wear eyeliner or mascara because I love make up and fashion so so so much(*´▽`*)After watching Bubzbeauty, Michell Phan, and reading a ton of fashion and beauty blogs, I just really want to wear make up or do other people's make up. For someone who doesn't wear make up, I read a lot of reviews (+o+). 

Speaking of which, I might do a review of the birthday gift since I haven't seen one around yet. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do a review on the lasting product of the products though *sigh*. Swatches it is, then :D.

My birthday's in less than two weeks heh :3

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