January Currently Coveting List

January Currently Coveting List

January Currently Coveting List by thepigs

My birthday's tomorrow! I've been working on this wish list for a while now but I never had the time to complete it XD. Since it's close to my birthday, I finally finished it so I could make this post. I want to start a new series of monthly posts called Currently Coveting (idea from bergdorfprincess.blospot.com) where I put the things I'm currently coveting :D The things I don't purchase move on to the next month's Currently Coveting, unless I don't need/want it anymore. It's like a visual to buy list ^_^

Starting on the top, I really want the satchel from Madewell but it isn't on the website anymore >.< I saw it in store for $60-70 but on the website, it was $118 o.o It's still really pricey but I need a new bag because my current one can only fit my ipod, phone, and wallet; adding anything else would be uncomfortably snug.
The sunglasses are also from Madewell but I chose it kind of randomly. I just need a pair of sunnies XD.
Ipod charger. When I'm not broke, I'm probably going to buy this first. Mine as suffered greatly from the two years since I got it (ipod+charger) and the rubber insulator thing towards the ipod end is tearing and it doesn't charge as well as before ;___;

This was actually on the 2012 favorites list for nailpolishes on a blog I was reading (forgot which one >.<) and my friend owns it too! It's a gorgeous color that looks more bright than it appears in the bottle, but it looks different on every skin type. I really want to swatch this some time soon.
I'm almost out of my Clinique moisterizer and I also need to repurchace it soon. I really like light lotions and moisterizers because it feels like my skin is absorbing more (light moisterizers are more runny) and doesn't break me out as much. I have the travel sized one that comes as a gift when you buy xx amount at Macy's and I don't know if I want to get the 1.7 or 4.2 oz gel. The more you buy, the more worth it it is, but $25 is still expensive for a moisterizer for a student ;__;
Fujifilm instax mini 7s Instant Camera (White)
Ever since I watched Heartstrings, or maybe it was You're Beautiful, I've wanted a FujiFilm polaroid. I asked for one for my birthday and I think my sister got it ^_^ If she did, I'm really excited to try it out and if she didn't, I'm excited to begin saving up for it. Each film thing is about a dollar (You buy it in packs of 10) which is pretty expensive, but it's a polaroid!

These flats/loafers are a bit pricey and after looking at them again, they aren't that great. I just want a pair of studded loafers, preferably a nude color because that matches everything X)
On the bottom, I put white converse because the only closed toe shoes I own right now are Vans and they're starting to get annoying because I wear ballet flat socks with them and my socks always fall down =+= If I got Converse, I could wear normal socks that don't slip down, though I have a pair of normal socks that still fall down =+=
Oxfords! I've wanted a pair for so long, end of story.

Marc Jacobs daisy fragrance
I only put Daisy Eau de Fresh by Marc Jacobs because I realized I like the fresh scent better than the original so I need to remind myself :D I don't plan on buying that for a while but I'll probably leave it up there because I like the scent.
I think I got everything, but I can always add more to next month's wish list. I have a feeling that February's is going to look very similar because I'm broke and I don't really need anything except for the ipod charger and moisterizer. It's 11pm and I'm half delirious because I didn't get that much sleep this week.


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