Let it go - Nail Tutorial/NOTD

Instagrammed picture :D This was rather hard to take because I had to hold my elbow so it was pointing at my ceiling so the balloon wouldn't be upside down but I finally got it ^_^ 

Things You'll Need:
  • White Nail Polish
  • Any Pastel Nail Polish
  • Pink (or the color you want the balloon to be)
  • Dark brown or black
  • Toothpick
  • Paper
  • Tape

1. Use base coat then pale pink (or the pastel color of your choice) on your nails. 

2. Polka dots on the thumb for a vintage feel. First, put one dot with the flat end of a toothpick slightly off center.

3. Draw dots in a diagonal while spacing them out evenly. The reason for not making the dot perfectly in the center is because it might make the polka dots look more like the 5th side of a dice.

4. Dot the other diagonal.

 5. Draw the dots vertically and horizontally evenly.

 6. Time for clouds! Tape a piece of scotch tape, or any tape except gift wrapping tape, on a flat surface.  Using the white nail polish, create blobs of clouds on the tape and wait for it to dry.

7. When you lift the tape off once the clouds are dry, pull it off so it's almost parallel to the surface you taped it on. This way, the clouds will be easier to remove with tweezers, or even your fingers. I used gift wrapping tape so the clouds didn't come off >.< I had to draw the clouds on.

8. Use the flat end of the toothpick to make a big pink dot as the balloon. After making the dot, drag the toothpick down a tiny bit to create the oval shape

9. Draw another oval below the balloon and connect the two, creating a triangle. Then, draw a thin line from the triangle to create the balloon string. 

It's inspired by the fact that my birthday is on Saturday, so balloons for my birthday. The title is from a picture I saw on tumblr that's a watercolor as well as a tattoo, and it's a picture of a balloon up with the clouds with the words "Let it go." A birthday is also a new start in a way and this year, when I turn 15, I'm not going to let little things bother me and I'm not going to stress so much. I'm just going to let it go c:

This look would be really cute with a pastel blue and even a lavender! Pastels are so pretty. I'm also searching for more nude-ish colors and the ones I'm contemplating are:

OPI Steady As She Rose: Lilac Nude

XOX Betsey: Sandy Pink Nude

My Very First Knockwurst: Mauve Nude

My Very First Knockwurst was the first nude I liked (haven't swatched any of these in store yet XD) but I'm kind of leaning toward Steady As She Rose now because it's like a purple pastel nude. It might not look good with my skin tone though (curse you, Asian coloring!) so I definitely need to swatch it. Privacy Please, the nail polish I used in this tutorial, looks more peach in the pictures but it's actually pinkish! I would definitely recommend Privacy Please. It's pretty sheer (opaque in 3 coats) but it doesn't streak and turns into a peachy nude after a couple of days. My sister likes the peachy nude after and I like the pink before :D go figure

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