Sick Days and Polaroids

Sorry for not being on >.< I had a fever these past few days (stayed home from school today to recover fully) and didn't feel well enough to write a blog post. I took a polaroid to commemorate this day lol but I look really gross *sigh*

After you take the picture...

It takes a while to develop (you can already see the forebody ugliness LOL XD
And it'll start to look like this...
So think of a caption and double check today's date...

To remember today! 1st time staying home from school (I was sick).

Here's a better picture of me before I was sick on my birthday >.< I hope to write about something more exciting next time I'm on! I have a couple reviews to post c:

Up Coming: (In no particular order!)
-Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift Review
-Mabelline Gel Liner Review
-Korean Skin Care Sample Reviews
-Birthday Goodies - 3 -

And probably something else I forgot o; Aishh I'm going back to sleep >.<

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