They're Real! Mascara and Watt's Up Highlight Benefit Review

I'm finally getting around to posting this review. Oh, random but five minutes ago,  my computer was being wacky and I had to restart it, and after I did, the typing on google chrome finally stopped lagging and I was so excited omg. Do not belittle not lagging type o;

Anyway, I went to Sephora two weeks before my birthday and bought something (my sister bought something, gave me money, I paid, so I "technically" bought something :D) to get the gift. 

The packaging is super cute and small. Think travel sized. When my sister saw it, she said it wasn't as good as last year's present (Fresh Sugar Duo) but I think it's still pretty great. It's just that last year, the duo was priced at $22 and this year, it's probably worth $15 ish. Still pretty good ^_^

I think I wrote this in my haul post here, but the mascara is the size of my middle finger (about three inches) and the highlight is about the size of my pinky (two inches)

The wand

Bare lashes
 I realized after I took the picture that it didn't really focus on my lashes but they're barely there in the first place so it's okay ^^

Two coats

Three Coats
 The only decent eye picture I took was the three coats of mascara one *sigh* The camera is so close to my eye that I'm not sure where to look at so it looks like I'm looking at the camera. Anyway, I think this mascara is pretty good cause I can now see my bottom lashes (THEY EXIST O:) and it holds the curl pretty well. The only reason the mascara sort of clumped in the two coats picture was because I put on the mascara right after I woke up without curling my lashes so it kinda clumped .__. My lashes curl when I sleep on my face but it only curls partly .____.

Basically, the mascara's pretty good and I'm not sure how I would rate it out of 10 because I don't have anything to compare it with XD The design of the brush is amazing for Asian lashes, in my opinion.

Swatch of Watt's Up

I gave the highlight to my sister cause I don't need it but it's really pretty. The tube is really small but it's enough to last you a while and better than buying the full sized. After you blend it out, it's still there but my camera couldn't really capture it that well D: If you kind of tilt your head and look at where the previous swatch was, you can kind of make out a shimmery color XD. 

If your birthday is coming up, you should definitely stop by Sephora. You don't technically need to buy something to get your beauty insider gift, but it's better than walking in just to get your free gift, you know? You could always buy a $2 nail file too ^0^

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