February Currently Coveting

February Currently Coveting

February Currently Coveting by thepigs 

A new month means a new wish list :D Surprisingly, a lot of things changed on the list. I didn't get everything I wanted but I don't want some things anymore.  I did get a few things on the list however, like O X F O R D S !

I was at Marshall's a couple weeks ago to buy running shoes and I saw these there for $19.99 O: I got the last size 6.5 (I'm a 7 in Vans) and the rest were all 8.5, 9, and 10. After I got home, I texted my friend to get them cause we saw these online last year around Christmas time for $35 and now they're $19.99 XD. This is probably my best purchase so far ^^

For my birthday, my sister got me a polaroid + film so I can cross that off my wishlist. I've been eyeing the Fujifilm Instax ever since I saw it in You're Beautiful and alskdfj I'm really happy that I have it c:

Now, onto the things I'm coveting this month!
I need new shorts in general because my old pairs from last summer are getting a bit snug D: I really want a pair of not baggy but loose high waisted shorts so they don't latch onto my thighs like there's no tomorrow. Plus, it looks better.

White Converse are still on the list but I don't know if I'll keep it here. I have enough shoes right now after the addition of my oxfords. This is really only on the list because I want a pair of comfortable shoes I can wear with normal socks vs. ballet flat socks XD.

I still need a crossbody bag and this Fossil one replaced the Madewell one because the Madewell satchel wasn't online/in stores anymore :c Unfortunately, the Fossil crossbody bag is $178 which is too much for my student wallet ;___; If this bag, or something similar, is still on the market in a year or two, I would definitely buy it :D This is my obsession until I find a cheaper alternative HAHA.

Now that it's getting warmer and sunnier, sunglasses are a must. I normally get oversized squared sunglasses but the rounded vintage ones have caught my eye. I haven't tried a pair in real life yet but I really want to :3

I swatched this yesterday at Target and it's a little bright for me, but it looks great with a matte top coat. I also swatched Revlon Jaded but it doesn't look 100% opaque/matte. I feel like there are miniscule shimmers which I don't really like but the color is more mint. Hmm...

I don't know if I want to buy this book but it's only 7.something on amazon and I loved the move (I prefer reading the book before seeing the movie but...). If I ever order something on amazon, I'll probably pop this book in the cart as well ^^

ASDFGHJKL I'm going to get this soon and I don't know how soon but I'm excited! After B.A.P.'s comeback, I really want to get the One Shot mini album :3 New baby :D I wish the official fan name for B.A.P. was warriors or something >.<

Amazon.com: Strathmore 300 Series Watercolor Paper 9 in. x 12 in. pad...

I haven't had time to draw lately but this will forever stay on my currently covetings until I finally get it! That's pretty much it XD

Last but not least, I kind of want one of the two Brandy Melville skirts pictured above. I'm not a huge fan of Brandy because some of the clothes make be go "What..." but their skirts are adorable. The black skirt is $10 and the price is half the reason why I want to get it HAHA but it's still cute ^_^. It looks a bit short though :c And the pinkish skirt is so pretty ($22) and asdfjkl I don't even know if I would wear a skirt. But I mean, it's $10 for the black one XD

I realized that there's a lot of things I've left out but I can always add it to next month's CC ^^. Who knows, I might not want some things anymore. I probably won't have time to go shopping this month as it's almost over and CMs are coming up, so March will have a preetty big wishlist :D.

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