Innisfree Review

I've been kind of swamped lately with CMs (Certificate of Merit for piano) coming up, a skit for my language class I need to film, and math to worry about .___.''

My friend gave me a few Innisfree samples cause she said it would help my stress breakouts and I've been using them the past few weeks so I could do a review :D

Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Skin Toner
After you wash your face with a cleanser, you're supposed to use the toner. This little bottle has lasted me for three weeks and it's a m a z i n g. I haven't gotten as many pimples after using this (except for the week before my time of the month but nothing stops crazy hormones ;___;) and my previous acne scars have faded faster! I've never used toner before but I'm going to try to find the full version of this :D It's not as liquid-y as water but it's close. There is a faint eucalyptus/minty scent. The toner is milky/clear.

Pro: Effective
Con: None
Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Serum
After toner, you use serum. The serum felt really heavy on my face because I've never used serums before and it felt like it was going to break me out but it didn't. I wouldn't buy the full sized product because I don't really like how it feels on my face >.< The serum is clear.

Pro: Moisturizing
Con: May feel too much on your skin w/ toner+moisturizer; fine on its own

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cream

I took this picture after I used some of it which explains the weird jagged edge XD This lasted me 3-4 uses and smells really good. It's a light scent that isn't really green tea-y but it disappears when you apply it on your face. I'm a huge fan of light lotions, kind of like Clinique's Dramatically Moisturizing Gel (something like that lol), so I really like this ^^ The cream is clear.

Pro: Light and not scent-heavy
Con: None/doesn't do much so if it's expensive, it's not worth it

Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base
I've only used this two or three times so I don't have an opinion, but my friend said it can be used as a serum. It's not as light as a cream and not quite like a serum either since it's not clear, it's white, but I'd say the texture is a little heavier than a serum but not a heavy on the face if that makes sense XD

Pros: Not heavy feeling
Cons: None/doesn't do much so if it's expensive, it's not worth it

Innisfree Canola Honey Pack & Cream
The honey pack is definitely more moisturizing than the green tea cream, but if feels heavier on the face. Because of the honey, it's thicker, similar to a serum, and takes longer for your skin to absorb. I wouldn't buy this but if you have dry skin, this will be great for you c:. The cream is clear.

Pros: Moisturizing for dry skin
Cons: Smells honey-ish (not that great of a scent but goes away after you apply it), may be too heavy

The Face Shop E'thym O2-Water Moisture Lotion
Last item! I've only used this product a couple of times so I can't say much about it, but it seems like a very normal moisturizer. If it was cheap, I'd probably buy it.

Pros: Smells REALLY good (light asian-y scent XD)
Cons: Doesn't do much, the scent can warp to a kind of weird smell, but not noticeable on face except under your nose

Sorry for the last post >.< Late February/early March is a really busy time for me but after CMs, thing should slow down c:

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