Peter Pan Collar - Nail Tutorial

Sorry not blogging >.< I've been getting used to the idea of school again (meaning trying to stop procrastinating so much). During finals, I did my nails instead of studying /slaps/ but I still studied! Anyway, here's a nail tutorial on how to do this c: I got it from The Beauty Department.

What you'll need:
-The color nail polish you want the collared shirt to be
-White (or a color that matches the color above ^)
-Pencil/toothpick/dotter/sharp object
-Binder paper ring protecters

You can see the paper I used to study math LOL

1. I actually have no idea what these things are called XD You put them on the holes of binder paper to prevent it from ripping. Anyway, cut a section out of the binder ring things so they stick on your finger better and paint your nails.

2. Put two dots that will be the rounded tip of the collar and fill it in so it creates the colar. This is the hardest part >.<

Had to use left hand for right hand ;__;

3. Add 2-3 dots as the buttons.

And you're done! This is a super cute look that is a bit on the difficult side, but try it out :D I actually just removed half of the nail polish from my Let It Go balloon nail tutorial and then painted the rest so you can do this for a couple weeks-old manicures ^^

My right hand ;___; it doesn't even look like collars LOL
I have lots of posts lined up so I won't have have almost a week of no posts :3 I might do a post for Chinese New Year but I'm not sure yet XD. In case I don't, Happy (early) Chinese New  Year!

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