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I have spontaneously gained a shopping addiction. Okay, not shopping addiction, but I spent more money in the last few days than I did last month. Which also isn't saying much since I was broke last month. And technically still broke. It's just that this month/last month, I've been cultivating a shopping spree month for later and then I broke in and used it all ;______; The things I bought were pretty worth it price wise and quality wise, but it really sunk in that I'm seriously broke now.

Those three dollars in my wallet speak the truth.

Actually, one dollar. I owe my friend two bucks. ;___________________;

I ordered a stainless steel chain for a robin egg nest pendant/charm my friend, K, made for me on my birthday. It's been sitting on my desk for two months and it's about time that I wear it. Really excited for this :3 

B U T, I'm even more excited for what I ordered on Ebay. On Amazon, it's so hard to find an iPod 4th generation case because more than half of the results are iPhone 4/4s cases which are cute, and the other half are crappy iPod ones. 


ASLFKJASLDKJF I love pigs so when I found this I was like omg can I have you and then I bought it. I'm mildly worried that it might not look as it does in the picture because Ebay's sellers are people rather than companies like Amazon (some times) but I hope everything works out >.<

I didn't actually spend that much money but after I paid my mom back for ordering these things, I also paid her back for the present for my friend's birthday ;___; Now I can't buy anything in March because
a. I don't have money.
b. I need to save money.
On a side note, I saw these on Ebay and I'm not sure if I should order it in the summer when I'm not broke anymore.

I just think the cat beanie is so unique and it's been popping up a lot recently. Michelle Phan and Jen from Clothesencounters on YouTube have both done a video on them ^^ The spiked headband is something that I've wanted for quite a while but never found in store o; The only reason I didn't order these two today was because my mom said to order hats in the summer/fall because I can't really wear a beanie as it's getting warmer and my mom doesn't like me buying metal headbands because they're tighter on your head. I guess I'm going to have to keep looking for them irl X)

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