Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturing Gel Review

I finally got a new moisturizer o3o. I've been buying things from January's currently coveting that I omitted from February's o.o Anyway, I just took the written test of of my CM for piano and I have the playing part tomorrow OTL I hope I do well on that urgh ;_;

Actually, I should correct myself; I didn't buy this, my sister did. She went to Sephora and picked it up for me and was like "Here." Haha XD It was perfect 'cause I just finished the travel sized gel.

Comparing the sizes

I reaaaally like this moisturizer because it's so light and you don't need much to cover your entire face. Plus, it doesn't make my face oily c: I definitely recommend it!

The only thing that I don't really like is the design of the bottle. The travel sized cap has the thing that stops too much product from squeezing out but this bottle doesn't have it. Plus, it's a twisty cap o;

Pros: Moisturizing, light on your face, light scent that disappears on your face

Cons: Sometimes too much product gets squeezed out when it's shut (you accidentally squeeze it and it gets in the cap)

The pros outweigh the cons and I think it's a good product to have and repurchase c:

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