March Currently Coveting

March Currently Coveting

March Currently Coveting by thepigs 

Happy St. Patrick's day! It's been a while since my last blog post but it's half because nothing has happened lately. After my CMs (WHICH I PASSED :D :D :D), I've slowly evolved into a potato. A potato who wants a lot for someone who's broke ;__;

But before I get on to this month's Currently Coveting, check out this giveaway! I just joined and all the prizes look great c: her blog is also so so so cute ^^

Kimchi Blue circle skirt
I've become obsessed with skirts lately and I'm still looking for an affordable cute one .__. A black skirt can be plain even though it'll match everything so printed skirts are a cute alternative. You can't really tell but the skirt has tigers(?) printed on it :D

Levi's vintage shorts
These don't exist in real life I swear.

Forever 21 studded shorts
My white shorts are getting small (curse you desserts ;__;) so I need a new pair and it's a plus that these are studded. 

T.U.K. t u k shoes
OH. MY. GOSH. I wanted creepers a while ago but recently my intense love for them has grown. The only things is, these babies are $70 and I'm broke ;______; But I'm going to save up asap even though it's spring and I should be looking at flats...

FOSSIL vintage handbag
Still in search of a cross body bag to replace my current one. That's basically it...XD

Sally hansen nail polish
I almost got this yesterday! But then I didn't and I don't know why /sobs/. I'm actually not sure if I want this anymore because I like sheer colors more. Good quality sheer colors (Essie, OPI, etc) are expensive though :c

Infinite Infinitize (3rd Mini Album)
Infinite's making a comeback in 2 more days! I'm so excited o3o. I also want B.A.P.'s mini album, One Shot, but kpop albums are more expensive than American CD's/albums and even more expensive in the states. S i g h.

That's basically it C: I haven't bought anything from last month's Currently Coveting except a pair of sunglasses that my sister gave me, but I feel like I bought a lot this month. Because of St. Patrick's day, a lot of stores are having free shipping promos and it's driving me insane. It's like Cyber Monday all over again. Why must I always be broke ;__; Also, I signed up for a few freebies from's blog so I should be getting those in the next month or so c:

Free shipping:
Until 3/17

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