March Haul

March is almost over! It feels like days are passing by really fast cause spring break is in two weeks :D Spring break means baking, eating, blogging, sleeping, gaining weight, and general greatness because there's no school. I would say shopping but it's not like I ever have money so

(I'm laughing but I'm actually crying inside. My friend had to buy me a drink when we went out for lunch because I didn't have money bring my wallet.)

Okay, I just want to start off with the fact that half of the reason why I bought this jacket was cause it was $5. I got it from Cotton On online on Saturday because there was a St. Patrick's Day sale going on and there was free shipping. I wanted to order a painting (they sell paintings and stationary O:) that was ONLY A DOLLAR AND 15 X 15 AND BEAUTIFUL but my mom said no :c

But the jacket's really comfy and I like it c: The only thing is, the sleeves aren't as baggy as a thought they would be. I got a medium so it's really long and baggy but the sleeves fit like a small o.o

I've waited for so long to get this book c': I was planning on getting The Perks of Being a Wallflower but I read TFiOS in a weekend and fell in love and bought the book. End of story.

My friends and I went to Brandy Melville to look around and I found this usamimi headband for five bucks and I just really wanted it because I've wanted a headband like this for a while :D The bow part can be untied and worn as a hair tie too. Unfortunately, it broke today. After bending it too many times, the wire part broke.

1. I untied it at the store are retied it. Then when I wore it today, I fixed the bow part to be more flat.
2. A person bent the bow/ears  all the way up and then back down.
3. A person bent the bow/ears  all the way up and then back down and the wire snapped.

If you don't like wearing the bunny ears/bow all the way up like me, the wire shouldn't break. If you like wearing the ears up, I suggest not bending them back down. Also, don't untie it or twist it cause that's a pretty big breakage factor too.The wire inside is a little thicker than a paper clip's wire so the more you bend it, the more likely it'll break. It's probably best not to let anyone do anything to the headband except you XD I found a hole and took the broken pieces out, but I don't know how I'm going to replace it... :C

Ordered this off Ebay :D I'm really happy with this case despite it's few flaws.

Cut kind of strange and no power button thing. It's still pressable though :D

There isn't a piece of silicone separating the dock thing and the ear bud thing (I'm bad at describing things) as shown in the picture.

Not cut very well.

It's hard to see but there's a lot of small pieces of lint on the case except they don't really come off. I don't mind it too much because you can't really see it, but it bothers me how it's not removable/hard to remove.

No earbud button thing but it still works well. All in all, I would reccomend this case because for $7.50, you get a really cute case. The cases for the iPod 4 aren't really great either XD

The last thing I got, a while back actually, is this chain for a pendant K made me for my birthday. It's a 16 inch chain made out of stainless steel so it won't break.

I did, however, notice that one of the chains was malformed. It's slightly dented o;. But, you can't tell when I'm wearing the necklace.

The pendant on the chain.
I should really stop buying things XD. Whenever I see something cheap, I'm tempted to buy it even though it may not be the best idea. I saw a thick, vintage-y cardigan for 15 bucks today and I really really r e a l l y wanted to buy it, but I remembered that I wanted a beige cardigan (it was red and beige striped) or an anorak jacket and I'm still saving up for creepers so I should turn off the computer and just take a break for a while. A long break. A spring break :D

(crowd jeers)

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