Mini Haul: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Barnes & Nobles

AHHHH I haven't bought anything/gone shopping in the longest time and when I went to the mall to return something, I'm so happy I bought a few things c: I didn't realize until now, but the things I got are really spring-y XD The total I spent today was about $24 dollars ^^

UO, Barnes, F21

One of the shirts I got was this chiffon like material collared shirt that I've been lusting over since last summer O: I was just browsing through Forever 21 really quick and I saw this and I saw the price and I was like "YES!" in the middle of the store. I I didn't find anything like this around the store so it must've been the last shirt and it was in my size c':

It's quite sheer

And the best part? It was $10.50. YAYAYAY.

Fun little anecdote before I get to what I got in Urban Outfitters. I was flipping through the racks and I see this pattern in the corner of my eye and I'm like:

Are those polka dots? Pulls clothes away. It's polka dots.
"Oh my god."

Is that a peter pan collar? It's a peter pan collar.
"Oh my god."

How much is this? Flips tag over. $44.
"Oh my god."

And then I hurried to the sales racks ;___;

But then I found this! I was looking at the v-neck shirts and omg the softness. But anyway, the red tag read $4.99 and suddenly, I searched a lot harder for a good v-neck and found this ^^ It's a pastel purple/lavender, perfect for spring, and it's so soft and cheap that I broke my rule of buying plain shirts. My closet is pretty sad with few fashionable pieces, so I had a temporary ban of buying plain t shirts. 

IT WAS $4.99 T^T

It's also pretty sheer but I was planning on wearing a cami with this anyway since it's a v-neck. I don't have anything this color so I'm pretty excited to wear it :3

Okay, last thing: Sherlock. My dad told me to meet in him Barnes and Nobles when I was ready to leave so I did and there was a sign that said "Sale: Classics" and I stopped by to browse to find that all the books were $7.98. Initially, I picked up Grimm's Fairytales but then I saw The Greatest Adventures of Sherlock Holmes c': There were also books such as Les Miserables, Price and Prejudice, Gray's Anatomy, and others I don't remember XD

 All in all, I'm really happy with my purchases because the shirts averaged out to be $8 and that's really good c: I realized that I tend to buy shirts in pairs and then give myself a temporary ban from shopping until I realize my closet is crap. ;____;

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