April Currently Coveting

April Currently Coveting
April Currently Coveting by thepigs 

There are so many things I want ASLKDFJALSDJKF. I knew the store ASOS before so I don't want to say I recently discovered it, but I recently discovered it has free shipping. I don't know how that escaped my radar because I would've kept going back to the site and stalking it religiously. Free shipping lures me in ;__; Maybe everything was too expensive before XD Anyway, I didn't buy anything from my March Currently Coveting because I didn't have a chance to go shopping in March :c Hopefully, I can change it around in April ^^ I also have a Korean cosmetic haul so look forward to it!

Crepe Woven Batik Print Skirt: $15.80
I wanted to add this to last month's currently coveting, but then I was like nah, better not. For some reason, I really like this skirt but I don't think I have many shirts that match it XD I just really like it... o.o

No Link
White (studded) shorts are still on my list because I need white shorts!

Scuba Knit Skater Skirt: $13.80
I cannot even explain how much I love this skirt omg. First off, it's a gorgeous coral color. Second, it's a skater skirt with is something I've lusted for since ages ago. Third, it's $13.80. If that doesn't convince someone, I don't know what will. I don't know when I'm going to Forever as it doesn't seem like any time soon but if I see this I will buy it end of discussion.

ASOS Stripe Twist Bandeau Top: $10.81
I don't really need a new swimsuit since I don't even go swimming that often, but I really like bandeau tops and this is so cute. It's actually an almost neon pink/coral/orange but I like it ^_^ 

ASOS Frill Hipster Bikini Pant: $11.64
The only reason I wanted a new swimsuit actually is because these bottoms are SOOO cute. There's actually a frill bandeau top that is more expensive and matches this one but I think it would be too neon. There's also another bandeau top that's like this one but all pink instead of striped. It looks fine online but viewing it on the runway, it's a lot brighter so I think the striped bandeau would look better.

The striped bandeau is also cheaper >w<

ASOS Ribbed Over The Knee Socks: $4.16
Knee socks are just aweksome. They look so cute with a skirt or even shorts! Also, my mom complains when I wear shorts on a cold morning (it warms up A LOT by noon) and wants me to cover my knees so these socks would solve the problem :D

ASOS Ribbed Over The Knee Socks: $4.99
Over the knee socks would look great with creepers too. I'm actually not sure if I want these AND IT'S NOT CAUSE THEY'RE MORE EXPENSIVE XD because I don't know if it would match with my shoes. I'll think about it more :D

T.U.K. Low Sole Creeper: $70.00
This has been on my want list for a while and I'm thinking that I probably won't get the for a while too. Creepers aren't very spring-y but I have high hopes! A couple creepers of the same brand on Urban are going on sale for $50, $60 dollars so fingers crossed that this one will go on sale too :D

Viva La Juicy Rollerball: $19.00
Viva La Juicy and Marc Jacobs' Daisy have been on my list for a reaaally long time but I probably won't be purchasing either for a while (like my creepers). I just want a new scent for spring/summer and the first thing I thought of was this.

Revlon Nail Polish-Jaded: $4.31
Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet used to be the mint nail polish I wanted but I'm starting to like this one better c: After swatching the two colors, Mint Sorbet is more neon and Jaded is more pastel/robin egg. But, Jaded is a little tiny bit shimmery D: And Jaded is more expensive LOL.

Excluding the perfume, creepers, and white shorts, the total is $65.51 for 7 items which is pretty good even if two of the items are socks XD. Including the perfume and creepers (I forgot how much the shorts were) it's $154.51 o; I would actually spend $65.51 for the things I wanted since the perfume and creepers are something I can wait to buy. I sound like I'm really stingy but I just like buying affordable and cute things XD

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