Daisy Planting

I got these flower growing kits from Target a while back and finally had the time to plant them! I bought a sunflower one for my sister as part of her birthday present, but she told me she bought them too XD This post is kind of picture heavy o;


Inside, there's a pot, a soil tablet that expands with water, and a packet of seeds. On the side of the box, there's instructions on how to plant the flower. The packaging is so compact but every bit of space is used.

Once you add the water to the soil pellet, it expands like crazy! It becomes a mushy soil ^o^

If you remember my mini DIY post in this post, I used my altoids tin to put oatmeal for my oatmeal masks. Since I used up all the oatmeal and haven't bothered to add more, I used it for my plant ^^ There are holes on the bottom of the pot (which is made of plastic btw) to let extra water seep out and if there isn't a plate or container on the bottom, the water would get all over the place.

So many seeds o;
I only poured out half of the seeds from the packet! You only need six or less so you can use the rest of the seeds to plant in your garden or in other small pots :D In my opinion, the plant growing kit is definitely worth the dollar.

Poured the extra seeds back and there's still a ton :D

Another out of focus picture >.< Anyway, I put the pot somewhere sunny and hopefully, the seeds will sprout soon! I'll keep you guys updated ^^ 

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