Eating Healthy: English Muffin PB&B Sandwich (Low Carbs)

I love bread. I don't know why but something about it the texture and the fact it goes with every condiment you can think of just attracts me. Well, my tastebuds :D However, white bread, the yummy bread imo, has a lot of refined carbs and can get boring if you have brought PB&J sandwiches to school for lunch ever since middle school. That's why I've been eating English muffins instead.

Here's how to make a healthy peanut butter and banana sandwich:

1. Cut an English muffin in half (aka cutting the serving size in half).

2. (Optional, toast the muffin) Cut the English muffin in half again and spread peanut butter on top. Peel a banana and slice a couple of pieces to put on the sandwich.

3. Put the two pieces of English muffin together and enjoy.

Of course, you can always just use the whole English muffin because they're quite small, but I like to make two sandwiches and eat them 20-30 minutes after another so it's like I'm eating more (but not really). Try this out and tell me what you think!

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