Korea Haul

This is long over due but I kept forgetting and lost motivation to blog ;__; but now I'm going to try to be more frequent c: I have lots of reviews coming up ^^

My friend went to Korea and brought me back a few things that I wanted and a buttload of samples ^^

B.A.P. One Shot album, Tony Moly samples, Kate Spade Perfume Sample

This is just a freebie I signed up for that came in the mail and it's supposed to be a sample of the new Kate Spade perfume but it's honestly not. I haven't opened it yet but there's probably like two droplets of perfume ._.

Ohmygoodness, the B.A.P. album c': Infinite's new album was released while my friend was in Korea so I contemplated getting that, but I chose One Shot in the end. My friend got both and it's just amazing having a kpop album ^_^

Inside of the album

Jongup's photo card
I wanted Daehyun or Zelo's photocard but Jongup's is cute too. My friend and I joked that neither of us would get Daehyun or Zelo and when she got it, she texted me that she got Jongup and I laughed. Then, I told her to open mine and see who I got and she said Jongup and laughed. Then we cried/laughed at our bad luck XD

Jongup: We are B.A.P. Hi

Tony Moly Products

Premium Snail Mask, JYJ Mask, Aura CC Cream Samples, Toner Samples

So many samples *___* The premium snail masks aren't samples, my friend bought them and gave me a few, but the JYJ mask is a sample o; I'm going to be reviewing the bunny gloss bar and snail + snake hand cream (also samples!) soon c: Thank you for bearing with my sporadic posts ^^

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