Tortilla Pizzas

Spring break seems to have a strong correlation with gaining weight for me. The more time I have off from school/P.E., the more I eat/gain. So, instead of saying yes to that pizza we were going to have for lunch, I made my own.

1. Cut a tortilla into four equal pieces.

2. Spread tomato sauce over the four pieces (I used ketchup cause we ran out of tomato sauce :c. Pasta sauce works too).

3. Spread shredded cheese over it and microwave until melted. 

Optional: You can fold the slices in half to create a quesadilla but I like eating it as if it were a pizza :D I haven't tried toasting it in a toaster oven but that could be yummy too. 

Sorry for the bad lighting on the last two pictures D: I took them on the study room table vs the dining table which is why it looks bad. It doesn't taste like a pizza per se (tortilla vs dough), but it has the same feeling and is much healthier. There isn't oil, there isn't frying, and it's a more controlled serving size since a tortilla is pretty small. However, eating it can be a little tough since tortillas are thin and flimsy XD

Other than eating, I haven't been doing much this break ;___; With two days left + the weekend, I want to figure something out so I'm not in my pajamas 24/7 (not a hyperbole, unfortunately).

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