Garnier BB Cream Swatches

Hey guys! A while ago, I signed up for a Target Sample of the Garnier BB Cream, and it finally arrived after a few weeks :D There's a small amount of every shade so you can see which one suits you the best.

There's combination to oily skin and normal to dry skin shades, but the light/medium from both ranges are different o; The combination to oily shades are more liquidy/ lotion like and the normal to dry skin shades are more foundation/ sunblock like.

Combination to Oily: Deep, Medium/Deep, Light/Medium

Normal to Dry: Medium/Deep, Light/Medium, Fair/Light

It's kind of hard to see the light shades so I took another picture in brighter natural light so you could see the swatches better c:

Blended out

Combination or Oily: Deep, Medium/Deep, Light/Medium

Normal or Dry: Medium/Deep, Light/Medium, Fair/Light
 My face is darker than my inner arms so I would say I'm probably a combination or oily medium/deep, light/medium if I ever get lighter. I hope these swatches help you figure out what shade you are! You can always mix the BB cream with another bb cream or foundation to achieve the exact shade you need. One thing, the deep shade for combination or oily skin is hard to remove. I could wash the others with water and soap but the deep shade was stubborn .__.

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