Tony Moly Aura CC Cream

Do you guys remember the Korean products haul I posted a while back? I'm going to review the CC cream samples I got ^_^ I was too lazy to take a separate picture but the CC cream are the white sample packets below. 

Bare Skin

CC cream

CC cream roughly blended. The capsules are starting to burst and change color.

Fully blended out. I only put CC cream on half of my hand (the right half) so you could see the difference it makes to your skin ^_^. Instead of dull skin, your skin looks dewy and healthy! I'm not sure why but it looks more oily here ><

The CC cream looks more like this! The right half of my hand is where I applied CC cream. If you have dry spots, the cream will emphasize them so moisturize or use a base beforehand (pun unintended). The Tony Moly CC cream seems like it's more for people who have acne scars and want to even out their skin tone. If you're breaking out, the CC cream won't do much coverage wise. It's kind of like a tinted moisturizer and it doesn't feel heavy on your face. The veins on my hand are barely covered but the skin has a more even tone. 

What are your thoughts on CC creams? Have you tried one?

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