Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Mask Review + Finals

Today was the first day of finals so I needed a cheer me up (´∩`。) and what's a better cheer me up than a pamper day?

Disclaimer: any disjointedness in this post is due to finals.

Anyway, I had my english final and P.E. today and we were let out 15 minutes early for P.E. because we didn't have a final :D I went to Del Taco to get a drink, went home, did a little workout, and used the face mask.

It's best to use a face mask after you take a shower because it'll help retain the moisture in your skin better and your skin will be clean. Always wash your face before using a mask because you might break out.

Because it's a gel mask, it's hard to tell which side you put on your face. One side has the pixel things and one side doesn't, so I used the side that doesn't on my face. That side is also more gel like o (◡‿◡✿)


I'm drinking the strawberry lemonade as I write this ヽ(*・ω・)ノ I think I got the wrong straw because it's abnormally tall HAHA anyway back to the review.

Fit: ✿ 3
Price: N/A my friend got it for me 
Quality:  3.5~4

This mask is pretty mediocre. It didn't fit my face that well because my forehead is pretty big and that sucked :c If it covered my face, I would give it five stars. To be fair, it covers most people's faces. Also, many products don't do that much for my skin so I can't really judge quality well XD The mask moisturizing and brightened my face (my forehead is tanner than the rest of my face and the mask evened my skin tone out a bit, excluding the top of my forehead that the mask didn't cover), but it didn't do anything extraordinary. It does feel nicer than a sheet mask though.

Final verdict: If you see this mask and it's pricey, I wouldn't get it but if the mask is at a decent price, try it out! I don't think I'll see this Tony Moly mask around since my friend got it in Korea but if I see another gel mask, I would buy it c:

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