Eating Healthy: Frozen Greek Yogurt Covered Blueberries

The weather is getting hotter and it's getting harder to resist the temptation to drink cold sodas and ice creams. But, there's a way to make a yummy, healthy snack for the summer. 

- Blueberries
- Greek yogurt (normal yogurt works too, but greek yogurt is healthier)
- A container

1. Wash a handful of blueberries

2. Cover the biggest blueberries with greek yogurt. You can also use smaller blueberries and make more.

What it looks like when the blueberries are covered
3. Cover the container up and pop it in the freezer for 2 hours

If you have left over berries, just eat them by itself or with the yogurt :D

Two hours later

Tada, the bite sized dessert is done! It only takes two hours and it's really healthy.

The texture is kinda like a really cold chocolate cause the blueberry freezes and it's sweet too. Nine of these blueberries would probably be under 20 calories. If you try this out, tell me how it goes  ∩( ・ω・)∩


  1. wow... I never thought of this way to eat blueberry!!

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  2. I love frozen yogurt covered berries since they're healthy and delicious :D. Definitely a lot healthier than regular yogurt covered foods since they have a lot of sugar in them~

    1. yup! greek yogurt is super good for you

  3. Whoa. I love blueberries (bought like, 15 pints of them yesterday...), so I'm definitely going to try this one! Thank you!

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    1. let me know how it goes :D i followed c: