July Haul

I got a few things back in June but my skirt arrived yesterday, so I guess it's a haul for July :D

I'm really impressed with myself because I got a sketchbook that I had on a Currently Coveting from ages ago and I got the skirt in June's CC! I'll do a review on the skirt/Sheinside soon (●´∀`●)

The sketchbook is pretty standard. It's for watercolor because I got a watercolor set and normal sketchbook paper is too thin. 

I ordered this shirt from Pacsun a while ago when they were having a free shipping and 50% off clearance sale. I think I got this for $11 or $13 dollars which is pretty good c: It's really sheer but a cami can solve that d=(´▽`)=b

It was really hard taking a good picture of the skirt, but here it is. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and color, but it's really full. When worn, the skirt looks almost too big, so I think I'll have to adjust it somehow. Or maybe I'll just convince myself it looks fine and save some trouble (´_`。)

To be honest, I got these two belts (it came together) because it was $5 and I liked the brown leather studded one. The gold one is a bit tacky/fake looking ⊙︿⊙ and both are a size large (it was the only one that had all of it's studs though) but I got my friend to take out 3 of the studs and I use them as belt hole things instead. 

I haven't really done any summer/back to school shopping yet (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ  really want to get a few more tops and skirts before school starts. Have you guys bought anything recently?

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