Lifestyle Talks: Jealousy

It's hard to admit, but we've all been jealous before and it's not a good feeling. Jealousy can ruin your day and make it hard to communicate with others. When you feel jealous, assess yourself and ask, what are you jealous of? A lot of the time, it's for materialistic things such as looks, grades, money, or social happiness. That's because we usually envy people who have things we want and don't have.

Bubz made a really good video about jealousy here:

Yes we get jealous, but how do we get over it? First, go lie down on your bed and think about why you're jealous and what you're jealous of. If you don't cope with it, you'll randomly think about things you can't have and be jealous all over again. So mull over it, float in self-pity, then get up and brush yourself off to write about it in a journal. 

It's really beneficial to write in a journal because it keeps a record of your mental and emotional well being and if you're having a particularly bad day, writing it out can be the same as telling someone. Keeping in problems is never good! Then, on a random day, you can flip through your entries and marvel at how you've gotten over your problems c:

Listen to Ryan Gosling LOL
Another thing that helps me clear my thoughts in general is working out because it's so physically taxing that all I can think about is when the video is going to end. I recommend blogilates because Cassie is so bright and cheerful that you really do want to finish! Also, after you finish a workout, you feel stronger and just better in general. Exercise releases endorphins!

Last but not least, try to avoid social networking sites for a little. Just an hour is enough! Try reading a book or listening to music instead. Don't try to be someone else, be the best you can be. Don't beat yourself up over failures because then, you would forget your successes (is that even a word o.o). Always be postive!

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