Back to School Haul Part 1

School is going to start in a month for me and I'm actually kind of excited :O Usually, I'm so done with school in June, happy/content in July (and just sit around all day), excited for school in August, done with school by September. Rinse and repeat.

But shopping for school supplies is really fun :D I made it a part 1 part 2 kind of thing because I still have a few things to pick up and maybe I'll get to shop some more for a first day of school outfit *hopes* If the part 2 thing never happens, I'll just edit the title c:

I got no show socks for vans in a pack of three and I'm not a big fan of the colors (neon green, purple, and neon pink) but it was on sale and I needed more no show socks. I also picked up an EOS hand cream that's really cute and portable. If you guys want me to do a review, let me know!

Okay you know those purchases that make you really happy and make you want to wear the shirt immediately and stare at it forever? This was that purchase. I've been wanting a denim shirt for the longest time (but haven't added it to a currently coveting oops) and I finally got one. So so so happy c':

I got it on clearance woo and it's a medium, which is a size bigger than I would normally wear, but it was the only one left and I wanted a looser, boyfriend fit anyway c:

These shorts were $13.49 after 25% off which is a really good deal too, and I've recently wanted a pair of denim running shorts looking shorts though the ones I was thinking of were light denim and more like running shorts. These are kind of like sleep shorts (they're so comfy omg) but I still love them. The floral print is so cute and I can imagine wearing them a lot. There are also pockets ^_^

Last but not last, the actual school supplies. I use folders instead of binders so I got this 50 cent folder, 90 cent pens, and 99 cent pack of pencils. The best part of back to school shopping is the ridiculously cheap school supplies :3 I'm not sure if you can tell, but when something's cheap, it's so much more enticing for me omg /slapped/. Have you guys gotten anything for back to school yet? 

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  1. do a review on the hand cream! I'm interested in your opinion of it