Sheinside Review

I'm finally going to review my Sheinside purchase after such a long time. I almost took as long as the shipping OTL (the shipping took ridiculously long omg it makes me angry thinking about it). You might be wondering why I'm reviewing this since it's just a store, but there's a lot of debate about Sheinside. It's been known to be a scammer store :o P.S. sorry for the dark pictures(>д<). I took them at night cause that's when my dad gave me the package.

The reason shipping made me so angry was because it took 3-4 weeks when it's supposed to take 10-12 business days and it was stuck in customs. I had to ask customer service 3 times before anything happened. True, customs is out of their control but whereas everyone else's package stays in customs for 3-5 days, mine stayed there for 3 weeks(;¬_¬). The nice thing is that you can live chat with them and they'll answer your questions but I can't say how effective customer service was. Someone told me they would email me details but never did.
Basically, I'm not impressed with their shipping/customer service.

It came in a grey package but I forgot to get rid of my address so no picture. Inside, there's a ziplock baggy that says Sheinside on it.

There's a tag but it's not actually attached to the skirt o.o There wasn't anything wrong with the skirt except for two weird stains where each of the buttons were. The holes for the straps where they fasten onto the button were kind of small but they still fit. Overall, the skirt was pretty good quality. I hope the stains come out though (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

I wouldn't advise you to order from Sheinside unless it's really cheap. The Sheinside points program isn't great either since spending a dollar gives you a point and a point is worth a cent. There's always a 20% off code floating around too so google them if you're going to purchase! I heard Romwe is better but for a contest thing where you need to get 60 likes on a picture to get a pair of free leggings, Romwe claimed they sent mine out but I never received them ლ(ಠ益ಠლ Curse my luck with online shops (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Have you guys ever purchased from Sheinside?

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