Natural Makeup Tutorial (Back to School)

Even though most of you have probably started school, here's an easy, every day make up look you can do c: I was going to make a fancy tutorial by putting a layout and putting the pictures together but I got lazy ;___; It's okay, these pictures are probably enough ^_^

Clinique eyeshadow duo + blush (not sure what the name is)
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1. Take a dark plum color and line your eyes, focusing on the outer 2/3 and extend the line.

2. Mix the plum color and a shimmery lavender together and line the outer third of your lower lashes.

3. Add the shimmery eye shadow to your inner corners to brighten them.

4. Curl lashes and apply mascara!

Final look
It's a very natural look but still makes you look very put together. You only need 2 eye shadow colors too and it's really simple so it won't take long in the morning. This look also works with a dark brown eyeshadow and a shimmery gold c: If anyone tries this, let me know how it goes!

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  1. this is a really cute look and I agree that it is simple and put together!
    I do something similar to this in the mornings as well! (seeing as I have ~5 min for makeup + hair lol... multitasking!)