Baby Lips Electro Shock Pink Shock Review

I hauled this such a long time ago and the pictures have been sitting in my drafts but I keep forgetting about it :c Actually, that applies to a lot of my reviews LOL. I get too lazy to blog but when I do, I write 2-3 posts at a time and schedule them. Writing is actually so therapeutic!

I'm probably one of the last people to jump on the Baby Lips band wagon since it's been a cult favorite. In case you didn't know, they're like a tinted lip balm. They moisturize your lips while adding a hint of color. I usually don't go for these types of things because they don't show up on my lips but these do! There's also a new Baby Lips line that's tinted and meant to medicate your lips I forgot the name, oops.

There's a good amount of product and since this is the Electro Shock line, the colors are supposed to be "shockingly" vibrant. It adds a cute tint to your lips without being too much (it's much sheerer than it looks but also buildable). It's also very affordable at $3 and will last you a while.

Left: 2 swipes Right: 1 swipe

Color:  5
Price: ✿ 5
Quality:  3.5
Wear Time (without drinking or eating): 2 1/2 hours (also leaves a tint)
Availability:  4.5

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