The Face Shop Review and Daiso Haul

It's been a month since my last post ;__; During October, I was studying for SAT's which were on the 2nd (I get my scores back on the 21st!) and until now, I've had a lot of school work. Hopefully, I'll have more recent posts now especially because I'm so behind on my reviews. Today I'll be reviewing these cute little samples from The Face Shop :D

1. White Tree Snow Clarifying Booster Toner
I really liked this toner even though it was kind of watery but I didn't notice /that/ much whitening. Then again, I used it periodically instead of daily for a few weeks. Nonetheless, I would buy this. I didn't break out as much with it.

2. The Smim Emulsion
I'm not really sure what emulsion is (I'm still not sure LOL) but I used it like serum. So, after I washed my face, I put on toner and put this on and went to sleep. It's pretty standard and I don't think I would buy the full sized since I just use toner and moisturizer. If you're into serum, you should give it a try!

3. Aloe Fresh Soothing Toner
As you can tell from the clear bottle, this is seriously watery. I used this first so gah, I don't really remember but I think it stung a little when I used it sometimes. If you have acne prone skin, I wouldn't suggest this since it might hurt :O It only stung sometimes and it was usually when I was breaking out.

Not pictured: Christmas stuff + Paintbrushes
Now onto the Daiso haul! I got other things to wrap presents in and stuff so I didn't include it here but whenever I go to daiso, I get the urge to buy everything I see. But, I try to narrow it down so I don't buy more than ten dollars worth of stuff or else a lot of it would sit in my room untouched. 

First thing: The melon candy. I swear I've seen this brand in asian super markets and when I saw it was only a dollar, I bought it right away. It's honey dew milk flavored and chewy and soooo good. There's a strawberry and chocolate version too!

Rose Potpourri. I had seashell potpourri from Ikea before and I wanted to switch it out for fall-ish. I wanted to get the blue petals to match my blue room but then I was like, it's too mix matchy and the red petal's scent's name was "English Garden." Sold.

I can never have enough oil blotting sheets and since I had two - three travel sized blotting papers to keep in my bag, I decided to get one for my desk. There are 200 sheets and it's so cute with the lace detail :O There's another type of blotting sheets that has 300 sheets but it wasn't as cute so I didn't get it LOL. Daiso doesn't have the greatest quality but it's definitely worth it. It's $1.50!

Price/Quality thing applies for these black head strips but I think they're actually pretty decent. It doesn't make a huge difference but the Biore strips don't either. These are $150 $1.50 for four whereas Biore's are a dollar for one. Definitely going to be repurchasing these :D

That's it for this haul! I hope these mini reviews will help you if you're ever looking for new products to try. I saw a black charcoal mask at Daiso and wanted to try it, but I want to read more reviews first. Has anyone tried it yet?


  1. The aloe fresh looked pretty cool, but from what you said, it doesn't quite sound like such a good product anymore hehe.
    ohhh how I want those black head strips! I have tried the biore strips before and they are pretty nice, but these one looks so much cool!!

    1. it might just be my skin but yeah >.< you should try the daiso black head strips if you see them around!