Etude House Eyeliner

It's been so long ;___; Once you stop blogging, it's hard to go back. But, I thought I would make a quick review before I went on vacation for a few days! I'm reviewing the Etude House Pencil Eyeliner in brown ^^

There isn't a sharpener since it's retractable so that makes it a little hard to use, but it's very creamy and pigmented. Also, it's easier to make a natural line vs a harsh one with liquid eyeliner.

I did three looks with this eyeliner :D


Extended wing (sorry for the weird lighting change)

Cat eye/Winged eyeliner

The eyeliner is really versatile :D

Color: ✿ 5 if you like natural colors
Price:  4 I forgot the exact price but it's probably 4~5 USD
Quality: ✿ 4.5 Pigmented, but hard to get sharp lines
Wear Time: 5 hours (That's the longest I've had it on)
Availability: ✿ 3.5
Repurchase? Yes!

I hoped this review was helpful ouo. Sorry for being on a hiatus! I will try to blog more :D

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  1. I'm not a makeup person, but I just don't seem to be fond of pencil eyeliners! I like gel liners or liquid more.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation!