Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It's a chance to start fresh c: It seems a lot easier to make resolutions because it feels like you're starting over and that makes you more motivated to make changes in your life. I haven't really thought about my resolutions yet but it'll probably be somewhere along the lines of:

  • working out once a week, which is actually going to be tough for me D:
  • reading/writing/painting more
  • writing in my journal(s)
  • figure out what I want to do (as vague as that is)
I want to work more because I would like to lose those stubborn five pounds and get in a routine of regular exercise. As with most people, I spend way too much time on the internet so I want to try and limit that this year. My lovely friend Elena sent me a little Christmas care package and that inspired me to write in my journals more. I'm hoping to finish my journal and use the one she got me to do those six word poems to sum up my day. A daily journal is ambitious but I have hope :D

Elena's Christmas care package ^_^
I l o v e this journal so much omg

I hope everyone had a great last few weeks and succeeds in their resolutions c: 

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  1. Late comment, but I still wish you a happy new year! :)
    Haha, I think working out is on most people's list, including mine. Let's do our best!
    And summing up your day in haiku is an amazing idea!