Jan.2014 currently coveting

Hello! I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I didn't do a Currently Coveting for the month of December :O It's half because it was the holidays and I eventually bought what I wanted/asked parents to buy it for me as a Christmas present and half because there weren't that many things that I wanted. This month's list also only had 4-5 items at first since there weren't that many things I wanted but it accumulated quickly ._. This is also the first time I've ever gotten a CC up so quickly (new year new...blog schedule?).

Jan.2014 currently coveting

1. Bad Hair Day Beanie
2. Homiés Beanie
3. Denim Skater Skirt
4. Anorak
5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s film
6. Quartz Pendant
7. Cream Cable Knit Sweater
8. Thick Knit Sweater
9. Velvet Leggings
I have been really into beanies lately, which is surprising because I didn't own one until a couple weeks ago (I got the cat beanies!). These are kind of cheeky and the Homiés beanie is a clever play on Hérmés (which I had to Google to know how to pronounce ;;). The denim skater skirt and anorak are things I've wanted for such a long time and I really hope to finally buy them this year D: 
Finals are coming up in a month! Has 2014 started off smoothly for all of you? 

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  1. I remember the denim skirt being in one of your "currently coveting"! Hope you get one soon since it's a cute skirt! I love anoraks & parkas so hope you get one soon as well! Definitely love the cream knit sweater though!