Lifestyle Talks: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Where do you see yourself in five years? If you're in high school, five years from now means you're going to be in college pursuing a major relevant to your future job. If you're in college, five years from now means sitting at a desk (or something like that) working at your job. Five years from now, the question will probably still be the same: What do I want to do with my life?

I think I can help you answer that question.

For a high school student, it starts with what s/he wants to major in at a university/college, which is a very difficult choice whether you're a freshman (grade 9) or senior (grade 12). There are the "boring" jobs that have a high income and extra years of uni that are synonymous with success in our society, and the out there jobs that are more closely intertwined with your passions. Often times, students are forced to choose a future they're not interested in because of money or their parents' demands but they should really think about what they want to do. You only have one life to live so why should you do something you don't love?

That's a question I've struggled to find an answer to for years and today I might've gotten a little closer. I have figured out my passions and they all make unrealistic, poor (no pun intended) jobs even if I'll be happy. I don't know if I'll truly be happy if I'm struggling to pay the bills while all my friends have a secure office job. Unfortunately, money is something for me to consider, especially if I want a family when I'm older. However, that doesn't have to stop me from doing what I want. I've always thought that it was one or the other; a safe job that I don't like or a risky job doing what I love. It's possible to have both!

If you're a high schooler, you can minor in something you're passionate about. You can be a doctor with a minor in graphic design, an accountant with a minor in fashion marketing, or a dermatologist with a minor in cosmetic science. If you love fashion but you still can't minor in it, pursue business or marketing and try to get into the fashion industry; the possibilities are endless. That way, if your passion doesn't work out, you have a realistic safety. Even if your passion doesn't work out, you tried to do what you loved and that's further than most people will get.

If you're a university student, start a youtube channel or blog if you haven't already and explore your passions there. A blog is flexible for any kind of content, as well as a youtube channel! You can also look into freelance work if you're into journalism, writing, or even makeup. 

I know I focused a lot on passions like makeup, fashion, etc but this applies for other passions. I just want readers, especially high schoolers who are deciding what they want to do with their life to know it's possible to do what you think you should do and what you want to do. Life doesn't end after high school!

Sorry if I go off tangents ;; this post must be really confusing and hard to read. I also used the word "passions" 1029809 times ;;

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