Manicure Monday

Hope everyone's Monday was okay! It's the first day back at school for me which is always tough after a long break. I just wanted to make a quick post on my NOTD since it's been my favorite nail polish to use recently.

I got it for Christmas from my friend ^^ It's called Peach Puree from Nordstrom BP.

It was really hard taking an picture that showed the accurate color ;; but the picture of the nail polish itself is pretty accurate. In some lights, it looks like a creamsicle orange but in others, it looks like a peach. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful color even though it's more suited for the summer XD. Even a guy friend complimented my nails today :O

On a side note, I took pictures and swatches of the Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift but when I was getting ready to write the post, the pictures disappeared from my sd card ;_; I'm going to retake and reswatch the pictures to so I can post it on Thursday, which will be exactly 10 days until my birthday ^^

Two songs I've been loving lately (perfect to listen to while doing hw):

Instrumental of Two Melodies by Zion. T 

Bad Books by Forest Whitaker

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