Zara, Ebay, and Daiso Haul

I'm back with a haul!

This is actually loooong overdue but I was waiting for the skirt and that took forever to arrive ;; Here's a mini review on it since I ordered from eBay.

The velvet skirt was featured in my November Currently Coveting, which was also when I ordered it, and it was expected to arrive in 10-20 days. I calculated the days Mon - Sat (since the post office isn't open on Sundays) and noted the range of days it should arrive. After twenty days, the package was still in transit or whatever, so I messaged the seller on eBay about the skirt. Thankfully, s/he was really nice and offered to send it out again. This time, the skirt took 16 days and arrive two days ago.

The quality is pretty good and the waist band is stretchy. It falls right where a normal skirt should and isn't too short. I'll feature it in an outfit post soon c:

Speaking of outfit post, I'm going to be featuring these bad boys too. I ordered these during winter break with early Christmas money and they came on Christmas Eve. Because they're platform, they are super comfortable despite being 3 inches high and very versatile. A little anecdote about them: I saw these on Urban Outfitters a couple weeks earlier and they were $70 so I couldn't find the heart to buy them. Also, I had a lot of tests before winter break so I didn't have time to ask my mom if I could buy them. But, a few days before winter break let out, these boots went on sale for $50! I refreshed the page five times a day to make sure my size wasn't out of stock and hoped the sale would still be going on when I ordered on Saturday. Lo and behold, I managed to convince my mom and it became my early Christmas present (kinda) C:

I got this shirt from Zara around Christmas time too and it's soooo cute. It's kind of hard to tell but it's a peter pan collared shirt with long sleeves. It'll also be featured in an outfit post ^^ I saw it on the Zara website a couple days ago and was miffed because it's now $20 and I got it for $30 ;;

I also ordered these beanies which were featured in my November Currently Coveting (like the skirt) at the same time as the velvet skirt. Thankfully, they arrived a lot earlier. The quality is good and they were only $2~$3 dollars when I bought them! And then the little things I got from Daiso were stationary, pens, a thin eraser, and a pack of hair ties. 

I'm really excited because my birthday is in 2 days and that means C A K E ! Sometimes I just crave birthday cake XD Do you guys ever shop on eBay? Would you like to see the outfit with the Zara shirt first or the velvet skirt? Both are worn with the UO boots.

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