Casual Business: OOTD #3

I really have a thing for androgynous (read, male) fashion. Women are so lucky because they can wear men's clothing but men can't wear women's. 

Collared Shirt: AB studio 
Anorak: Forever 21 Mens 
Jeans: Hollister
Oxfords: Aphrodisiac

The chiffon collared shirt is actually three quarter length sleeves and one of my best purchases ever ($8!). I really want another chiffon button up that's long sleeved though ((((;゜Д゜))) Most shirts of this material are too sheer but this shirt is surprisingly thick (for chiffon). For some reason, this outfit makes me think of the wealthy, male lead in K-dramas (*cough* Heirs) XD

On a side note, I found an old letter in one of my first blogposts to my future self! 

Dear future Lisa, 
You're probably not going to become a hardcore blogger (as if you could blog consistently without gaps of time in between, I mean really), but in case you do, here's a summary of your life before blogging. You spent your time on Tumblr, Youtube, occasionally Facebook and Twitter, then Wattpad to write stories (you don't write as much as you did two years ago; it's the procrastination), and that was basically it. Oh and you paint (sometimes), draw (barely), write (when you don't procrastinate), and eat (bake when there isn't school). You don't actually do anything but go on the computer now that I think about it...
From December 2012 Lisa

In answer to that:
Dear past Lisa,
You're right and wrong; I only became a hardcore blogger as of recently (this past month and then some). I spend most of my time on Youtube, watching K-dramas (*cough* You who came from the stars), Tumblr, Facebook (chatting people mostly), too much time on twitter, and I'm getting back into Wattpad (the reading part at least). Now that finals are over, I'm getting into painting (watercolors now!) and drawing again. Two days ago, I even started editing my NaNoWriMo story! How's that /smug. 
But future Lisa,
I've become more courageous and have become someone who participates in class, and consequently, in life. I hope when you read this, you've reached a blog milestone (meaning you're blogging consistently), are finally content with your closet, and have had the experience of having a part time job. Good luck man, and participate in life!
From February 2014 Lisa

Yesterday was my friend's party and it was the first time I've ever done anything on Valentine's day even though it was technically to celebrate a birthday. But, it was really fun and dancing is getting less awkward for me (even though I seriously can't dance).

It's always so fun to see how the past you was like ^_^ Are you going to write a letter to your future self? How was your Valentine's day?

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