Forever 21, Ebay, and NYX Haul

It feels like I've been posting a lot of hauls lately but I just really like blogging about them ^^

I went shopping to buy my friend a birthday present but there were a couple of items I couldn't pass up for myself. In my last monthly wishlist, I wanted an oversized chunky sweater and it just so happens that I've also been wanting a speckled knit piece for the longest time too which is why this sweater is perfect *__*

It was on clearance so there weren't very many sizes left but medium is a nice, baggy fit. I've worn this sweater a ton since I've gotten it and although the material isn't fantastic, I still love it to death.

I have a thing for collared button down shirts and after seeing this one for $8.80, I couldn't resist. Once again, the quality isn't amazing but it should last decently long and the fit looks really good. The collar would look super cute peeking out of sweaters ^_^

Also in last month's wishlist were a pair of round sunglasses and I have been eyeing these on Ebay for a while until finally buying them. I think Jenn Im (clothesencounters on YouTube) has the same pair but in a tortoiseshell color. They protect against UVA and UVB and were only nine dollars! I really recommend these because these sunglasses suits most face shapes.

Last but not least, I picked up a NYX lipstick because I heard they were pigmented and moisturizing. I got the color 'Tea Rose' and it's a my-lips-but-better shade. I've been really into moisturizing lip sticks because Song Yi, from You who came from the stars, always wears bright, moisturizing lip sticks and it looks so pretty. Of course, it'll be a while before I can be daring enough to pull off those shades XD

What's something you've purchased recently? Do you have any lip stick brand recommendations?

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