Innisfree Eco Science Lotion Review

I just finished this Innisfree Lotion and I thought I would review it for you guys ^^ 
In Korea, lotions aren't the same as lotions in the US. It's the equivalent of a moisturizer ^^

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The texture is really light and has the same gel like quality as the Innisfree Perfect 9 Lotion. I don't know why but when I first used this product, I was biased against it. Maybe it was something to do with the scent (or maybe lack of since scentless products smell kind of strange) but I grew to enjoy this a lot. It's not as runny as the Perfect 9 Lotion but it still takes a while to absorb, albeit faster than the Perfect 9 Lotion. 

Quality: ✿ 5

Price: N/A

Availabiliy: ✿ 3.5

Overall: ✿ 4.75

I really liked this product and I would recommend it to you if you need a new moisturizer. I prefer the Perfect 9 lotion because it smells better but sometimes, artificial scents can irritate your skin. Adding a scent means adding chemicals that you don't need on your skin so keep that in mind when you buy cleansers, moisturizers, and other skin care products ^^

What cleanser and moisturizer are you using right now? Do you have a holy grail product?

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