Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Lotion Review

Today I'm reviewing an Innisfree product ^^ I feel like people really like Innisfree XD

It's a little 5ml sample size but there's a lot of product! I've found that for a lot of Innisfree lotion/moisturizers, a little goes a long way.

The texture is one that feels almost slimy but in the best way possible. Slimy isn't really a good word to describe it ;; Either way, it feels really moisturizing on the face and my skin absorbs it really well. I feel like when I used this product with an Innisfree serum (that I'll review later), my acne scars healed better. Although the consistency is really light, it takes doesn't absorb quickly so be careful when applying this at night (don't sleep on your face right away!). 

Quality: ✿ 5
Price: N/A
Availability: ✿ 3.5
Overall: ✿ 5

Summary: I would reccommend this product to people who have oily skin or combination skin because it's super moisturizing but doesn't make me oily. After using this lotion, I feel like I have Korean actress skin because they always have fresh, dewy skin ^^ I really like this lotion and I would buy the full size if I saw it on Ebay!

Do you guys use Innisfree products? What kind of skin do you have?

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