NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick Review

Today's review is on a NYX product! NYX only came to Target recently but before that, the only way to get NYX products was at Ulta or online.

I know it's hard for a lot of you to find NYX where you live but there are always deals going on ^_^ I picked this lip stick up at Target in the color Tea Rose because it looked like a pretty pinky mauve color. The nice thing about the round lipsticks is that you can see what color it is without having to open the product up (which you can't do in drugstores anyway).

True to it's name, it's very creamy and moisturizing ^^ Even if I don't exfoliate my lips, it doesn't accentuate my lip lines but you should still exfoliate your lips regularly. It's one of those my lips but better shades that overall lighten my lips a little, making them more pink. 

Quality: ✿ 4.5 (it has parabens)
Price: ✿ 5
Scent: very faint lip stick scent but not noticeable at all
Wear time: 3 hours

It's a good lipstick to buy if you want to try out new colors but because it's so cheap, the ingredients aren't the best. However if you don't mind that, I definitely recommend this lip stick! It's great for people starting with lipstick and even make up junkies who want to experiment with new colors ^^

What's your favorite lipstick shade right now? What brand lipstick do you want to buy from?

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