Banilla Co Watering Mask Sheet Review

Does this look familiar? It's from my Korea beauty haul ages ago :D I've been saving the face mask for a lazy afternoon because I just like hoarding them ^^

Banila Co is a pricier Korean brand but my friend got these during a sale when she went to Korea. I didn't know what Redcurrant was so I looked it up and it's a type of berry that looks like this:
Image taken from Google
More on the mask after the jump!

The instructions are in Korean and although I know how to read Korean, I'm only familiar with terms that are used in Kdramas a lot and the characters don't usually explain how to use sheet masks so it wasn't much help to me. However, the directions are the same for most sheet masks: take it out, put it on your face the best you can, wait 30 minutes.

The fit was decent because sheet masks usually don't cover my entire forehead, but there was too much "mask" around my temples and nose. Nonetheless, it's probably one of the best fitting sheet masks I've tried. The smell was the typical light, fresh scent most Korean masks had. This time, I laid on my bed because someone said it was better to use sheet masks that way ^^ 

Fit: ✿ 5
Price: ✿ 3.5
Quality: ✿ 4.5
Repurchase? No

Although I really liked this sheet mask, it's harder to find and pricier than brands like The Face Shop, Etude House, and Tony Moly. I think they should be really cheap because they're just meant to moisturize. I really want to try a brightening/whitening mask though ^^

How much would you spend on sheet masks? Are you watching any kdramas?

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