Cheon Songyi Natural Make Up Tutorial

Hi everyone! 
I've noticed that after the Korean drama, "You who came from the stars" finished airing, Cheon Song Yi's make up look as become really popular. A bright lip and dewy skin are the main points of this, which creates a very natural, perfect-for-spring makeup

She's so pretty ouo
Read more to see how to achieve this look ^^

I used a brown eyeliner instead of a black one because I was going for an even more natural look (still a newbie at makeup ;;) but black eyeliner will give you a closer result to Cheon Song Yi's look. This is perfect for spring since the peach eyeshadow brings warmth and color!

It's also important to only tightline your eyes because the eyeliner for this tutorial has to be very thin. With minimalist eye makeup, it allows for a bolder lip.

Did you watch You who came from the stars? What kind of spring trends are you excited for?

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