Forever 21 + More Haul!

It seems like I've been shopping at F21 a lot recently XD They catch up with trends so quickly and they're so cheap that it's hard not to buy half the store every time you go in. I actually didn't get everything all at once (this was probably over the course of 3 weeks?) but it was all quite cheap :D

Anyway, I'm going to first show the things not pictured above since I got these more recently. I've been really into dresses lately since it's spring and when I saw this, I knew I had to pick it up.


It's a really cute beige dress with a blue floral print and although it looks pretty standard in the front, the back plunges into a v which I think is really like because shoulder blades are really delicate and pretty. I also like clothing that exposes the d├ęcolletage, like boat necks, because it's so feminine ^^

From Daiso, I got a pair of knee high socks with a bow on the front, this adorably strange pencil pouch, and bubble gum I haven't had since elementary school! Even though the gum's flavor isn't lasting, it's really good to blow bubbles with and hold childhood memories :-]

Closer look at the kimono for my friend ^^

I actually saw this shirt back in February when I was browsing on F21's website and I'm so glad it was still available when I ordered it online although it's a medium. It's has a boxy, loose fit so it's not noticeably oversized. I'm actually painting it for my art portfolio and I should be done soon :D 

I also saw this super cute bikini that I also bought, but I couldn't get the top in the same print as the bottom since my size wasn't available. It's a bandeau top with removable straps and there's a flowy layer on top that's flattering on girls who don't have a big bust.

Last but not least, I got daisy crew socks and my friend gave me a vintage/retro Casio watch as my late birthday present because I've wanted one for a very long time (as seen in my monthly wishlists). I'm really excited to bust out all these floral prints when the weather warms up since it's getting cold again!

What are your favorite spring trends? What have you bought recently?

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