March Roundup + Favorites

Hey guys! I've never done a monthly favorites before but I've discovered so many things this month that I thought I would do a mini one ^^

I'm supposed to be working on pieces for my portfolio but I've been lagging these past few weeks ;; I did finish a pencil piece of Gemma Ward though.

I also got two coupons in the mail for Yogurtland for 3oz free and buy one get one free so that bit was 49 cents :D I've also been trying pistachio flavored things because I discovered that it's one of my favorite flavors! I used to think it was really weird and never ate the pistachio part of spumoni, which is strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio in one, but it's surprisingly good in muffins, macarons, and froyo!

More after the jump!

Speaking of ice cream, I've also been eating a ton of Melona ice cream bars which are a total throwback to childhood because I used to eat these so much as a kid! Any flavor from this brand is so good <3 Did anyone else eat these growing up? My mom also got Magnolia ice cream which I used to see advertised on TV and it looked so good (I remember the coconut and mango one especially though I've never had either XD). 

My favorite series this month has been the Divergent Trilogy because I wanted to read it before I saw the movie. The trailer looks so good and after finally watching Catching Fire, I've been in a very dystopian mood ^^ My friend lent his Kindle to me so I could read all three books and I'm almost half way through Allegiant :D

Speaking of books (another great segue!) I started Horimiya this month and am all caught up now. It's a super cute manga without the cheesy/over the top shoujo-ness, which I still like to read aka guilty pleasure. The drawings are super cute and aldskfjalskdj you should read it!

Last but not least, I've been obsessed w/ the 2048 tile game. The goal is to keep combining the tiles until you get to 2048 but it gets harder and harder as the board fills up. I have yet to beat it although I got to the 1024 tile once except the "G a m e  o v e r!" sign covered the tile and no one believed me QQ. Give it a try here and see how you do!

Is anyone going to go see Divergent? Are there any TV shows you're watching right now? I'm really excited for The Mazerunner too because Kaya Scodelario and Dylan O'Brien are in it! 

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