OOTD #4: Instagram Outfit Spam

Hey guys! I'm going to start doing OOTDs in Instagram dumps like these because I think it's better than doing an individual post on all of them ^_^ It's getting warmer but not warm enough to deck out in shorts (unless it's an abnormally warm day).  Nonetheless, this weather is probably the best considering some places still have snow :O

Anorak: F21 Mens // Blouse: Zara // Jeans: Hollister // Boots: Urban Outfitters
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Cardigan: F21 // Sweater: H&M // Pants: H&M // Boots: Urban Outfitters

Sweater: F21 // Chiffon Shirt: Pac Sun // Jeans: Hollister // Boots: Urban Outfitters

Rose Quartz necklace from Ebay (Quartz and chain purchased separately)

Chambray Shirt: Target // Chiffon Shirt: F21 // Skirt: Urban Outfitters // Brogues: Urban Outfitters

I honestly rewear the same pieces over and over again so if you've been following this blog for a while, you'd know what shirts and jackets I favor XD How's the weather like where you live? What's your favorite outfit combination?

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