What I've been up to: Late February - March

Sometimes I think it's nice to just blog about what's been going on because it's a nice change of pace from the beauty reviews and hauls. I've been really busy and simultaneously not recently and it's nice being able to relax and just do me.

I recently finished this watercolor of Elsa if she were a fire queen (idea taken from Tumblr, just in time ish for Chinese New Year ^^) It was the first time I've ever seriously drawn hair and I'm pretty proud of myself although there is a lot of room for improvement ^^

Also, I've been eating a lot of macarons lately *__*

They're so good and I'm so glad most bakeries have them now since they were harder to find 2-3 years ago. The only thing is, they're so calorie dense that they can only be occasional treats ;;

I've started working out/eating healthy again lately and a snack I love to eat is berries/fruits + greek yogurt or tapioca pudding if I'm letting myself indulge. 

Then, this weekend, I went to a beach cleanup with my club from school and the weather was amazing! It's already spring/summer-y where I live and it's almost if not already shorts weather. So, it was time to bust out the bathing suit and start swimming since it's tones your whole body.

 I'm hoping to make swimming on the weekends a thing but we'll see ( ̄ω ̄;). I only swam 1/4 of a mile (8 laps) but the next day, I swear my shoulders were a little sore.

How are you guys? I'd love to now what you've been up to (“⌒∇⌒”)

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