Apr.2014 Currently Coveting

I just realized I put 6 twice ;; I'm really digging pale pinks and denim, which is why there's such an obvious color scheme in this month's CC. Also, the shirt can interchange with all three bottoms (super versatile). Anyway, read on to find out where to buy all of these ^_^
Apr.2014 Currently Coveting

1. Brandy Melville Crop Top
2. Pink Skater Dress
3. Denim Skater Skirt
4. MURAKAMI Jersey Shirt
5. Classic Black Bag
6. Denim High Waisted Shorts
6. (again) Pink Maxi Skirt

A lot of these are repeats but it's more of a reminder for me to go out and find them! I've been looking for websites where I can custom make the MURAKAMI shirt but the website my friend recommended me hasn't been working for me :/ I really hope to get the shirt soon.

I almost got a similar crop top at Forever but there weren't any white ones D: White can also be see through if the quality isn't good enough but hopefully Brandy will suffice!

The pink skater skirt, denim skater skirt, and high waisted shorts can all be found on Ebay if anyone else is interested! Spring break is coming up for me and I hope to order those then. Does anyone know where I can get a flowy maxi skirt? A pleated one would be really cute too! I was thinking of looking for one on Ebay but the length might be iffy.

A random side note but I've been obsessed with these pools in houses in Greece. It's a place I really want to visit because it's known for super clear ocean water.

It looks unreal *___* What is on your wishlist for April? 

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